The Darns

The Darns are a unique type of Warforged made exclusively by Darnicus The Damned. They are strong and hard to kill. A group of the weakest could easily overwhelm a squad of our standard soldiers. That is not a slight at our army either. They are some of the most well trained in the galaxy. This just shows the true might of Darnicus The Damned. He has somehow been able to mass produce these machines and is currently using them to do his bidding.

There are currently two models that are confirmed by intelligence officers though there are rumors of several others.

The first model is the standard soldier. It attacks with robotic claws and is orange or copper in color. You can tell it is a “Darn” by it’s spherical head, glowing eyes, and massive grin (as seen above). Due to the type of metal of which they are made, they can take an incredible beating. We have been unable to identify the metal (or mix of metals) of which they are made and have been unable to heat the recovered scrap (they explode a short time after they are deactivated) enough to make it malleable in order to reforge it.

The second model is made out of a lighter green metal. It is not as strong as the copper colored one but is weighs much less. It is able to move much faster and more deftly. It attacks using a gun the rests on its shoulder. The gun shoots either fire or rockets.

The Darns

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