Anger Issues


Report: KS83
Submitted by: Intel Officer 70
Subject: Trisha

Trisha was born in the town of Kisung [known for its powerful magical community]. Trisha is the only daughter of the town’s Arch-Mage, Lady Magnumline, and therefore had strong magical powers at a young age. When Trisha was thirteen her mother was killed in a battle with a nearby city named Retruso. Since then, to honor her mother, Trisha has devoted her life to become as powerful as her dead mother and to take her position as the Arch-Mage. It is Trisha’s belief that her father is to blame for her mother’s death. She believes the theory that says that the cause of Lady Magnumline’s death was due to her being distracted by the rumors that her husband was sleeping with a P.O.W. from Retruso, more concerned with the state of her marriage than with the battle. Years later Trisha was attending the local Mage Collage. She fell in love with a soldier named Barbiss. After some time they set a date to get married. This did not happen due to Barbiss eloping with a barmaid. Trisha decided to hunt down Barbiss to exact her revenge on him. During her travels she came across other women in situations similar to her own. She decided that she would hunt and take revenge on these men also. She makes a living hunting down and killing men who are not faithful.

End of Report.

Recruitment Officer’s Report

Subject fits the magical requirement of the team we are building. There are many concerns with recruiting this subject. She obviously has a severe grudge against both men and soldiers. This poses a major problem as the subject will be receiving most, if not all, of her orders from male officers. This could lead to many incidents of insubordination, which could get the team killed and more importantly make the mission a failure. Based solely on the subjects skills I would strongly recommend that she be recruited but when you take her personality into account I recommend the opposite. If The Council decides to go against my recommendation and recruit her, make sure you inform her that you inform her that if insubordination becomes a problem she will end up being executed. Do not put her in command. Her resentment and grudges could lead her to taking risks that could be avoided.


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