Marin Mirkwook

Rich Boy Bower


Report: WP 813
Submitted by: Intel Officer 42
Subject: Marin Mirkwook
Age: 25

Marin Mirkwood was born in a small farming village outside the city of Windport, which is where his wealthy parents are currently residing. As a child father [Erik] took him out to the woods to teach hime survival skills. Once on a trip, when Marin was 13, he and his father were attacked by several dire wolves. The two of them killed the wolves and after seeing Marin’s skill his father suggested that he join the town guard when he was old enough. When he turned eighteen Marin joined the town guard and due to his skill he was eventually recruited to the Royal Guard. A few years later the Windport City Guard spotted a patrol of goblin scouts outside the walls. The King sent out a portion of his guard to investigate. Marin was in the group. During the investigation the Royal Guard discovered a large army of orcs and goblins. Everyone retreated back to the city except for Marin and an elf named Vandalin. The two decided to sneak into the enemy camp and assassinate their officers. They were able to kill some of the officers but Marin and the elf was discovered. A sizable portion of the army chased after them. The two of them fled to an abandoned fortress that was nearby. Marin and the elf ran through the fortress using advantageous ground to kill a majority of the orcs chasing them. In the fortress they took a secret tunnel to an area outside on the walls. Marin and the elf then ambushed the orcs when they left the fortress. The remaining orcs rushed to try to get back into the fortress but only fifteen made it. Marin ran to the staircase leading up to the walls of the fortress. He fought the orcs with his sword while the elf attacked them with a bow. The two of the killed the last of the orcs and then headed back to the city which was now under siege. Marin and the elf went to the top of a nearby hill and used their bows to shoot the army attacking the city. After the siege the two went back to the city. They were arrested for deserting the scouting party but after explaining what happened and showing their superiors the fortress, they were made heroes. They were given the task of leading the counter attack against the invaders. After a series of battles the invading army was defeated. Marin and the elf were given each their own manors inside the city as a reward. Vandalin the elf became the Captain of the City Guard and Marin decided to become and adventurer. Before he left, Marin moved his parents into his manor.
End of Report.

Recruitment Officer’s Summary
Subject is a good candidate for the team we are building. There is only one concern. When the orcs were first discovered, the subject was not in command of the scouting party. Subject’s commanding officer gave the order to retreat but this order was not followed by the subject. This is worrisome due to the risk of the subject being insubordinate. If the subject is not but in command of the team we need to know that the subject will follow all orders even if he disagrees with them. The success of the mission could depend on the subject following said orders. My recommendation is to make the subject a potential recruit under the condition that he is monitored for instances of insubordination. If insubordination becomes a problem terminate the subject. Though it would be difficult finding a replacement mid mission it is better than the entire team dying

Marin Mirkwook

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