Stien Stjerna Von Morgenstien

As bland as sand


Stien Stjerna Von Morgenstien
Human Cleric (Templar of Pelor)
Level: 11
Age: 30
Height: 6’
Weight: 180 lbs
Size: Medium

Ac 29
Fort 26
Ref 21
Will 28

Max HP 82
Bloodied 41

Healing Surges
Surges/Day 8
Surge Value 20

Str 20/10/5
Con 12/6/1
Dex 11/5/0
Int 11/5/0
Wis 20/10/5
Cha 11/5/0

Combat Statistics and Senses
Initiative 10
Speed 5
Passive Insight 25
Passive Perception 20

Skills (Bold=Trained)
Acrobatics 5
Arcana 5
Athletics 11
Bluff 5
Diplomacy 10
Dungeoneering 10
Endurance 7
Heal 17
History 10
Insight 15
Intimidate 5
Nature 10
Perception 10
Religion 12
Stealth 5
Streetwise 15
Thievery 5


Report: SSVM1
Submitted by: Intel Officer 1
Subject: Stien Stjerna Von Morgenstien
Age: 52

NOTE: Intel Officer could obtain no information except for these few sections from his journal.

AH 17
Papa says I need to keep a journal. I have to pay for paper myself. I am excited to have a journal. I get to write things in here. I think I’ll write the Pelor’s creeds so I can remember them better.
“Oh Pelor, Lord of Hope, Summer, and Time. The harvest is thine bounty and blessings be upon us. Thy kindness is seen in every new born and in the change of the season we must not forget that thou can give us substance to our soul which is found in the hope that is spread from your bosom. Amen”. -The Light of Pelor

AH 17
Papa read my journal and I he wanted me to add some more of my daily living I said of course. Today i awoke and assisted with the sunrise ritual of the priest. Papa is one of the 2 priest just below the head cleric. It was good today. At noon we held the midday ritual. I studied more of the The Light of Pelor, bless be him. Then I helped with the evening ritual. I can’t wait to be a priest of the light.

AH 37 1
Aww Well it is my first assignment since becoming an adept. I am to go to the village of Dorkin and over see Pelors Day. I am excited. It shouldn’t be a problem at all.

AH 37 3
The festival went off with out a hitch, except for the people not wanting me to read the complete ritual! That is absurd. Yes in present times a shorter ritual COULD be implemented if the cleric deems it necessary, but this was not necessary. They began the feast only 2 hours into the reading?!?!? I can’t believe this! I’ll need to report this to father, I mean the head cleric.

AH 37 5
Father told me to calm down after I reported to him. I guess he is right. Some good news was on the way home I sent some undead back to whence they came. Uggg I HATE the undead, not because I am supposed to but they smell and are dirty. HOW CAN I KEEP MY VESTETURES CLEAN WHILE FIGHTING GROSS UNDEAD!?!?!? HOW?!?!?! Anywho I managed only some slight stains of brain matter to my robes. Stupid undead.

AH 40
I have been sent on my first mission! I am to establish a shrine of Pelor in the far away town of Guth. I think this is a way of getting me out of the city. I mean who cares that I have accused the other clerics, priest, and even some paladins of being weak in the faith. Everybody wants to shorten up on the rituals and prayers but how else can we show the devotion. I mean back in troubled times, the clerics and preists would spend ALL DAY reading and praying, and yet now they think they have better things to do. BAAAAHHHH it angers me.

AH 40 1
So I arrived at Guth. I wasn’t even greeted by anybody so I opened the first door I saw. Turned out it was occupied bu an old naked lady…. Can’t unsee that. I moved along and yet nobody was around. How odd I thought. So I went to the middle of the town square and began to rehearse the Chant of Light and Pelors Might. For 2 days I rehearsed the entire script as is needed to establish a shrine to Pelor. Luckly the spot i picked receives the greatest amount of sunlight in town! YEAH!
Anywho nobody approached me, in fact i didn’t see anybody. After I was finished I saw some old tracks, about 2 days old that lead out of town. As I followed them it lead to a bandit camp where the entire town, except the naked lady…. uggg…. was taken. Msot of them have been beat and raped but I saved them anyway. Everybody in the town was grateful. When they got to town and asked about the shrine, I informed them that i did that 2 days ago, they seemed upset. Ungrateful country folk.

AH 40 3
I ran into some more undead. GUUUHHHH this time it was messy, I had to burn all of my clothes away. They are really annoying.

AH 41
I have been sent to deal with a bunch of zombies in an old tomb to the north. Damn I hate undead. I’ll let you know how it goes.

AH 41 6 well the entire party is dead except for me. I got out alive and destroyed an orcus gate. The problem was that I was sent to an alternate dimension and landed on a rather giant ooze. Luckly for me I was prepared for this and used my Ooze-be-gone potion. That thing melted like a snail with salt…. hmmmm maybe they are related. Anywho, i found this awesome great spear, just my luck since I use great spears, and when I touched it it began to talk to me. It says it used to be a dwarf cleric of mordan (of course) and the ooze trapped and killed his body. In order to save his soul he bound his soul to the weapon. He seems angry because he thought it was the hammer he bound him self to oh well.

Anywho turns out I went to the underdark near Rukland, the dwarf mine. I had to fight some drow, more oozes, the spear didn’t like that, and some mushroom monsters. Turns out I found my self in one of Zuggtmoy’s underground “temples”. She calls this a temple! Its filled with spores, molds, and fungus and some crazy drow. Anywho I dispatched them along with Mortimer, that’s the spears name, he refused to give it to me until I showed him that I can blow apart oozes with ease. I finally reached Rukland after some time. Turns out it was 2 months since the party was sent out. Everybody thought we were dead, most of us are.

AH 41 6
Mortimer is the biggest jerk! When ever I pray, perform a ritual, or begin to read from the Light of Pelor he interrupts with tasteless jokes and inappropriate comments about my…. manhood. Who doesn’t want to hear the glorious light of Pelor! In EVERY Tavern or In I have been at I always read some selected versus. Sure people leave and I am not allowed to stay in those places but I must spread his word and Mortimer is interfering with that! If it wasn’t for that damn dream I would have discarded this piece of filth long ago, especially after I discovered that when he gets excited or if you mention an ooze he begins to…. to… secret juices. gross he has gotten all of my clothes filthy with I had no idea what!!!

AH 41 57
So apparently destroying an orcus gate by myself and surviving and fighting through one of Zuggtmoy’s temples makes you famous. I received an inventation to a gathering. Mortimer wants to go. Damn I hate that thing… Well its a good way to spread the light. Off we go.

Recruitment Officer’s Summary

Due to the lack of information I can’t say a whole hell of a lot. If this was anyone other than Information Officer 01 I would report them for doing s shitty job. Based on the information I do have I believe the subject is highly skilled and doesn’t have a whole lot in his personality that would disagree with what we are striving for. Since there is not a lot to go on I can’t make a recommendation on if he should be given command of the mission if he is indeed recruited.

Stien Stjerna Von Morgenstien

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