Welcome to Galactic Government’s Army.

You are one of a select few chosen from your world to help stop the uprising of an evil wizard known as Darnicus. He is currently waging war across the from his position in the center of the Galaxy. 500 years ago he was banished there for his crimes and a magic barrier was constructed to keep him trapped there. This barrier has been well maintained over the years and is designed to be in penetrable. As such even our best experts are clueless on how he is giving orders to his men throughout the galaxy. What we do know is that we have lost contact with the 9 nodes that power the barrier and they are presumed to have been taken over by Darnicus’ forces. Why they have yet to shut down the barrier if they have taken the nodes over is also unknown.

Your mission is to go to these 9 nodes and destroy them. This will shut down the barrier allowing us to send an invasion force to the galaxy’s center to confront Darnicus directly. Each node is located on a different planet in the galaxy. The barrier was designed to be able to function on the power that one node provides incase the others were shut down.

The Galactic Council wants to be updated regularly on your progress and have decided to pay each of you according to how well you complete this task. So the better catalog your adventures here the more you will be paid.

You each have been set up with an account where you will be paid and receive vouchers for equipment. You can access this anytime when you are on the ship. If you need equipment go to the QM (Quartermaster) Synthesizer. This is where you will turn in your vouchers. If your voucher does not cover the entire cost the rest will be deducted from your account.

With that, take a look at your wiki. There is some more helpful info there.

The Galactic Adventures